About The Author

A graduate of Wesleyan University, Bobby Rusher (aka, Bobby Runk) took up the game of golf in order that he might comprehend what people were saying when they discussed “golf.” His first book, HOW TO LINE UP YOUR FOURTH PUTT, was inspired by the many catastrophic events he and his opponents subsequently man_imgexperienced, both on and off the golf course.

One reviewer said this about Bobby and his first book: “In the guise of Bobby Rusher, a devious, tricky lout on the green, Mr. Runk shares a wealth of singular strategies and priceless tips on “how to increase the scores of your opponents when you are unable to reduce your own.” From its clever illustrations of duffers at play to its dead-on parody of traditional guides to better golfing, HOW TO LINE UP YOUR FOURTH PUTT proves once and for all that being bad at golf really is a laughing matter.”

Indeed, Bobby and his wife bought a home in Pinehurst so that he could “more earnestly investigate the banana slice and the mysterious bounce,” though they spend most of their time in Connecticut. His next dog will be named “Bunker.”

Bobby is also a musician and has released his debut album, Good Company, which was produced by Steely Dan producer, Gary Katz.  His just can’t quit, so he’s second album and assorted tracks that can be found at Bob Runk’s Runkus Room.  (http://bobrunk.com) The newest album is titled  Tidal Wave produced by John Bergeron.